Used in dead steel pouring into ingot moulds by means of siphon method or from above, and in casting ingot moulds..

IZ-2 Anti-piping compound

Offer No 14/2013/JM


1 use The anti-piping compound is used for insulating molding flashes when casting dead steel  into ingot moulds
2 catalogue
SiO2: min 60 %
 H2O: max 3 %
bulk denisty:
max 0,36 kg/dm3
ignition loss:
max 30 %
3 packing* plastic bags / paper bags / or other options

* included in the price of the product

Anti-piping compound KC-35

Offer No 15/2013/JM


1 use the anti-piping compound KC-35 is used when casting iron, cast steel and pig iron. An advantage of the material is that it is self-spreading and combines exothermic properties with the insulating ones
2 catalogue
 Al.met.: max 21 %
 H2O: max 1,5 %
bulk denisty:
max 1,2 kg/dm3
grain size distribution:
0.0—3,5 mm – min. 90 %
>3,5 mm – max 10 %
3 packing paper bags à 20 kg /or other,
at a client’s option


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