Our Policy of quality consists in consistent appliance of the methods of work that guarantee accurate identification and maximum satisfaction of our current and potential clients’ requirements.

The targets we strive to achieve are as follows:

Promoting the following principles:

  • Each employee of the Company, irrespective of their position in the Company is responsible for their work and, by self-control, they are obliged to make sure that is done properly.
  • Implementation of the target policy – employee training based on testing their skills after the course of training has been completed.
  • Determination to increase sales of our products. Each employee of the sales department is obliged to make his or her individual sales plan, coherent with the entire organisation.
  • Reduction of the fixed costs of the Company – each employee of the Company, irrespective of their position will have to contribute directly to cost reduction. Launching new, better products on the market, which means that the Company will strive to consider the needs of the individual branches of our clients, not their entirety as it used to be.
  • Making sure that each employee remembers the principle: – “The purpose of quality is making sure that the manufactured product meets the needs of a given client and acting according to this principle.”
  • Making every Section Manager responsible for quality (prompt completion of orders, customer complaints).
  • Identifying each deviation from the accepted system of quality and taking effective actions to correct them.
  • Being aware of the definite indexes concerning the manufactured quality, which make possible identification of possible deviations.

Quality of the products manufactured by our Plant is our asset and should earn our Company a stable position on the market and, consequently, contribute to its development.

Jan Kleszcz, Chairman of the Management Board